GEDCOMS TO GO, or GED2GO for short, is a program that helps you prepare a GEDCOM file for public distribution.  GED2GO has two primary functions: (1) living persons are removed from the GEDCOM, and (2) an estimated birth date range is added to all individuals who lack one. GED2GO has these features:

  • GED2GO completely removes the record of a living person, together with all references to that individual which might occur within another record.
  • GED2GO automatically determines which individuals are living, even if dates are missing.
  • GED2GO adds an estimated birth date range to every individual in the GEDCOM that lacks a birth date.
  • In most cases, the only user input required is the filename of the input and output GEDCOM.
  • Missing dates are estimated from relatives' data.
  • All dates, and family relations as distant as necessary, are used to make date estimates.
  • Standard date modifiers, such as ABT, BEF, AFT, or BET are taken into account.
  • Most non-standard date formats are also deciphered.
  • GED2GO does not alter or remove any note, source, submitter, or other information that is not within the record of a deleted individual
  • An estimated birth date range for every individual makes your data much more useful to other researchers.
  • Advanced Options are available to fine tune the operation of the program. See Screenshots for additional information.
GED2GO is distributed as Shareware. That means you can run it for testing and evaluation purposes for free for up to 60 days. Although an unregistered copy is fully functional, you will be required periodically to respond to various "nag" pop-ups. After you have registered, the "nag" pop-ups will disappear. The registration fee is $8.00. Registration instructions will appear when you run the program.
GED2GO Version 4 runs on Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista or later. Current Version is 4.02, November 9, 2007.
Programmer: E. Vernon Buck
Here is my email address. (You will have to manually enter it into your email system.)

Download Self-extracting exe file (Ready to run)

Download Zipped file (Unzip then run "SetupG2G.exe")